ẹwancrementum - A new sculptural study

ẹwancrementum - A new sculptural study

By Jazmin Garner

ẹwancrementum - A new sculptural study

A new series of sculptural studies is well under way.

 This new series of work is one that is close to my heart, perhaps because it is my heart and has been 10 years in the making. A new sculptural study depicting a new species of organic matter and plant life. This collection focuses on various elements of nature and man-made structures. 

small sculpture made from dried flowers and clay with small touches of gold

A future where these two elements evolve creating a new species of plant life.

small sculpture created from dried foliage and clay

Drawing inspiration from the natural world around and the way it coexists with man made objects, the rhythmic nature of my work dips in and out of minimalism. I am particularly intrigued by the way botanists document and display species of plant life. These works primarily consists of miniature sculptures made from dried plant matter and clay with accompanying illustrations. 

soft clay sculpturegentle clay sculpture with a dried flower in the center

small clay sculpture with dried leaves

small sculptures made from clay and plant matter

ẹwancrementum - Full collection coming soon.